Sunday, November 29, 2009

Not enough to call a real sewing project!

Anyone who knows Demi knows her world is all princess. I made this outfit for her. All I did was cut jeans from an old adult pair of jeans. I made them with an elastic waist. Took me about 10 minutes to make them. I then used some ribbon I found at Walmart (think it cost about $3) and added it to the bottom of jeans. I bought a $4 top at walmart and carefully added the ribbon across the front of it. I thought that because it was such a cheap and easy project I should share it. Project took under 30 minutes to whip up.Here are the jeans I stated with. I almost made a BIG mistake!!! My MIL gave me the jeans and I thought they were normal jeans. I folded them one leg on the other and I was ready to cut them to Demi size when I glanced down to the hem and noticed one leg was LONGER than the other! My MIL did NOT alter the jeans. Whom ever gave them to her did the hemming of the jeans. My MIL is a very fussy seamstress and would have never done something like that. It looks like the type of thing I would have done when I was younger. The person who id it used large stitches with white thread (my mil would never sew without matching her thread). You can see the stitches here.

Here you can see my finger on the bottom leg with the other leg laying flat on top. It's a half inch off at my finger and over one inch off at the one end! LOL!
Photos below are of new hem and trim.

The top.
Close up of top. I put the ribbon right over the gathered seam. Putting it up a bit (just above the gathers) would have been easier but I didn't like how it looked. I chose line up the center of the ribbon and put that right on the seam. I had a lot of fabric under the bottom of the ribbon compared to the top because all of the gathers are under it. I took my time and kept it lined up and had no problems. I am very happy with the ribbon placement. I think next time I need a quick outfit or want a very small project to pass the time I will make another outfit like this.

Panda Crazy

The weekend before Thanksgiving I got some time to sew some clothes for Demi. I was going to embroider gnomes on a pair of jeans when she tossed a fit yelling gnomes are old men and not good for her. Demi wanted "girl jeans". I took a look at the other embroidery designs I had been making and noticed I had a panda that was almost finished. Demi yelled panda's are also not a girl thing and will not be good for her. Quick on my feet I asked her what about a panda with a pretty bow in her hair. Demi smiled and said that would be a great girl thing. I finished making the panda design and got the embroidery machine humming. It quickly got panda crazy at my house. First I made her jeans.
Then I added a panda to a cheap walmart T-shirt.

Next I made panda barrettes.

and panda socks.

Demi loved it. Zee did too. The night before Thanksgiving I decided to make one for Zee. I only got 3 hours of sleep but I did finish her outfit. I was too tired to remember to get a pic. Below are action shots but they don't show the outfits much (sorry about that). Here is Zee with Mike's girlfriend.

Here is Demi with Rob's mom.
The jeans I made by cutting up some old adult jeans. The shirts were $4 each walmart. I spent about $0.80 for 2 sheets of felt. Total cost was around $8.80 for 2 outfits.