Saturday, June 30, 2007

Over a dozen time for a break.

I know taking a break now is not a good idea for me. I sew faster and better if I keep making things over and over. I cut out 5 diapers, added elastic, and serged all around them in record time this time (5 in a row goes fast). BUT I am getting tired of doing the same thing over and over. I can't make wipes today because I don't see any fabric in my box that I think will work well. I was running to the store yesterday to get some but my car broke so now I am stuck at home with no car. I know sherpa would work nice for wipes but I am cheap and I don't want to use any of my diaper fabric up for wipes yet. If I had 4 dozen diapers made I would think about it but 15 diapers with lots more to make yet is keeping me from using any of my diaper fabric. I think I might make something just for fun tonight. Either a bag for myself, toys for the children, or maybe I will see what fiber I have in my fiber box and spin some wool. I would like to try and knit or crochet something for the baby. I will let you all know what I came up with. Maybe I will fall asleep and not make anything. I guess I should start to think about some diaper covers. Hmmm..... I can make them with pull, procare, wool, recycled clothing. So many fun choices! I haven't made a diaper cover in umm.... Close to a year. I guess as long as I stay excited over making fun things I will keep making them. Maybe I will be ready for the baby before the birth.

Picture of my 5 natural sherpa diapers.

15 happy diapers. Just waiting on snaps.

End of my white sherpa fitted diapers!

I was up late sewing last night. I now have 10 fitted diapers done. I would have made a few more but that is all I could get out of the fabric I had out. I am now out of white sherpa. I still have a good amount of fabric to keep sewing with. I just need to bring another piece down from my fabric box. I will be starting with the natural sherpa I have next. I am only going to make up a few more before I take a little break from diapers. I think I will make some wipes or baby carriers next then go back to diapers. Can you see how much better I am sewing? My tabs are looking better. NOT perfect but a lot better than my first few. I am starting to like this machine. We are slowly becoming friends. LOL! I have to say in all the time I have owned my Huskylock we haven't been very nice to each other. I am so happy I am finally figuring this thing out and becoming friend with my machine. I felt that I wasted a lot of my hubby's money because I couldn't figure out how to work it. I know they are not the best looking diapers but I am so happy with how much I have improved!

They are so tiny, soft, and fluffy!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Sewing progress.

I now have 7 fitted diapers sewn. I am a bit worried because I don't have marks showing my snap placement. I hope I can get them marked OK when I get some tiny snaps. I guess if I can't I can just add some hook and loop on them. Once I get 1 dozen done I am going to take a break and make some cloth wipes. I am sewing a LOT better on corners with my using this machine I hope to get even better with making a stack of baby wipes. I feel 7 diapers is a wonderful amount of progress to make in a very short time. I am not very good at sewing so this is a huge step for me!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I started my diapers

I just realized that I am in my 3rd trimester already! WOW! This pregnancy is flying by! I think a lot of the reason it is going by so fast is because of my just turned 2 year old daughter. She is fast, active, loves to climb, loves to explore, and keeps me going all day long. I don't have much time to sit and think about the baby on the way. Now that I know I am getting to the end of this pregnancy I know I need to get going with things. I am not due until Sept. but I have a lot to do so I better get working on it all now.

I made a fitted diaper. I made it to resemble a kissaluvs fitted diaper. My first try was UGLY! I walked away and tried again a few hours later and that one turned out a lot better. I need to put snaps on it yet. I don't have any tiny snaps for a newborn diaper. Once I get the snaps I will have 1 newborn diaper done. I will only have 5-6 dozen more to sew up. LOL! I think I can do a dozen a week without cutting into much of my day. I can cut them out when my children are playing nice together and I can sew them up fast when hubby is reading stories to the children at night. That is my plan anyway. I will let you all know how it works out. I hope to learn how to sew around corners with my serger soon. My diaper tabs are a bit ugly to look at. They have loose loops in spots. I think the diaper is usable so I am happy.

My diaper is on the left a Kissaluvs diaper on the right. they look close in size to me.

Picture of the inside.
Shot of the back. I can't remember my children being this small! I am starting to get very excited about the birth of this baby. The red spot is just a fuzzy (tiny piece of thread).

BTW I know 6 dozen newborn diapers sounds like a LOT of diapers! I want to have enough for 2 days. I will wash them every day but I will need time for them to line dry and I want to have some for my daughter to use with her dolls. When my children are babies they seem to wet a LOT (more than other babies)! My daughter was using 3 dozen a day until she was well over a year old. I know sometimes a baby is born large and doesn't get to use NB diapers at all. That will be OK with me. I will give all my newborn diapers to my 2 year old for her dolls. When I was 2 years old my mom gave birth to my sister. I got a new doll (baby alive). When my Mom gave my sister bath I gave one to my dolly. When my Mom changed my sisters diaper I changed my dolls diaper. I hope if I do this kind of thing my 2 year old will adjust well to the new baby (not get jealous) and give me the time I need to care for the new baby.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Finding time to blog.

Getting to a computer that is inside a house when you spend most of your days outside with the children is hard. I wish we had money to buy a laptop that would be a huge help in getting to the computer. I am going to try to give myself a bit of computer time each morning before I take the children outside. I don't know how this will work but I am going to try. I haven't done a lot of sewing. I plan to take my sewing machine out on my porch this week and sew. I am thinking if I do that I can watch the children and sew at the same time. My pregnancy seems to be going well. I am still feeling sick a lot. Food smells bother me. BUT!!! I have a lot more energy with this pregnancy. I am so thankful for that. My daughter just turned 2 and she is FAST! I feel a lot of my day is spent chasing after her.

A friend and I got together and tie-dyed hemp baby wraps. I saw this one and thought making one sounded like fun. It was fun. This is a picture of mine laying in my yard.

This is a picture of my daughter in it. I have to wear her on my back most of the time because my stomach is getting very large so front carries get harder to do every day. I am around 30 weeks along in my pregnancy. I don't know the exact number so that is give or take a week or two. I have been so busy I haven't had a lot of time to think about and enjoy this pregnancy. I heard that stretchy wraps work wonderful for little babies so I will try this with the baby this fall.

I have done a few other things sewing, spinning, and knitting but not enough to be ready for the baby. I hope taking my sewing machine out on my porch will help me get done all I need to do yet. I will try harder to post updates. I am going to try and talk DH into a laptop. I doubt it will work because he likes the computer in a small room in our house (away from the children). He can go into the room and use the computer. It is a lot harder for me because I have to keep a close eye on the children and my youngest likes to find things to get into. She is always climbing and exploring. I hope to have a stack of cute tiny baby diapers to show you all by the end of the week.