Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello Kitty

I've been making a lot of crochet hats over the last few months.  I like to crochet but only one or two projects a year then I'm ready to put away my hook and get back to sewing.   I don't like making the hats that much because it takes a full day to make one and my hand hurts for the next day or two after I finish.  As I've been making all the hats for friends (and friends children) my kids kept asking when I was going to make them a sock monkey, hello kitty, or bear hat.  This weekend I couldn't put it off any longer I had to make Demi her hat.  Today was hat day at my kids school. Neither of my kids wanted to wear the large stack of hats they already own.   Travis had the 3 new hats I made him last week to pick from.  Demi wanted a Hello Kitty hat.  Last night I stayed up very late to finish this hat.

 She was a very happy girl this morning. 
I have a few more hats to finish for friends before I can put away my crochet hooks for the year.  The hats are so simple you don't need a pattern at all.  Just crochet around increasing until it is wide enough to fit a child's head. Keep going around until it's long enough.  Then add yard tassels to braid, a few buttons, simple ears, and a bow. 

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