Monday, January 22, 2007

More baby legs

More baby leg warmers. I am not feeling well so I haven't done any sewing, painting, spinning, or knitting. This is some baby legs I made a few weeks ago. This pair was made the same as the ones I posted last time. I just cut off toes and serged the end.

This set I made the way I found online a long time ago. I was making them all like this or I would use FOE on the ends. It is still quick to make them but the socks with toes only takes seconds to make and this way takes a few minutes. LOL!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lazy mom's leg warmers (baby legs)

I like making baby legs. I think they are fast and fun. I still don't know how to work my serger well so doing tiny things like baby legg warmers is how I practice on it. I was in Walmart before Christmas and I saw a bunch of toe socks. They had cute winter patterns on them. I noticed that they are flat they have no heal. I started thinking about how much easier they would be to make baby legs with. I bought a few pair and I have decided that it will be hard for me to find an easier way of making them than this!

I took 1 pair of toe socks and I cut off the toes.

Some color from the toes was still on them. I used that as my guide to serge along. I think you could use a zigzag stitch on a sewing machine.

That is it! That is all I did!

This is them on her. She is climbing up the back of the sofa. She is a climber. We don't let her do it but that doesn't stop her from trying over and over again.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Another fiber gift

This is NEAT. I am sorry that I couldn't get a nice picture of it. It is so much nicer than it looks in the picture. I need to learn how to take pictures of fiber! This is 6 OZ of wool with BLUE JEAN COTTON! So neat! She cut up jeans and put it in herself! My son is amazed with this he loves looking at it. He asked if I could cut up his jeans and put them in wool. I had to tell him that I am still very new to spinning I think it will be years before I will have the skill and knowledge to do things like that. I have to admit I am afraid to try spinning this. I am afraid I am going to mess something up. The White wool is 6 OZ of Superwash. I have never tried to spin super wash so this will also be new for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH Cena Brown! You are very kind! I hope to sneak in spinning time this week! I feel that I am so behind on everything I might not get to spin wool for another week! I hope things slow down in my house SOON!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mittens and Mercy

First I want to say I am behind in everything once again! We did some remodeling on our house (still isn't done) it messed up our schedule. Then we went on a small vacation so my son says. I call it a long but very nice trip. Anyway, I will try to get caught up in the next few days. I want to write first about today or I will forget about it.


My naughty kitten has lost his mittens and he began to cry. Oh Mommy dear I fear my mittens I have lost! and then he cried some more.... I forgot it was winter... AND CRIED More..... It in Jan 10 and we didn't have ANY snow until the tiny bit we got last night. I will not be able to find my gloves before it melts away if I have to look any longer!

Hmmmm.... The Mommy in me thought.... Than you shall have no pie????? I don't know? It is Jan 10 and he does have a point! It was 60 degrees last week. My solution was to offer our yearly Mom made mittens. The mittens that he always snubs his nose at because they are not gloves with fingers and moans his unhappy thank you mom just loud enough to show SOME respect. The same mittens that every year he becomes VERY thankful for when he can't find his new gloves or they are still wet from playing outside earlier that day. Only I called them mercy Mittens today. When we got him new gloves this season he was told he needed to put his gloves away so when we got snow he would have them. My son doesn't like mittens ever so he was disappointed he couldn't find his gloves but the thought of having a pair of mittens to be able to play in the tiny amount of snow sounded WONDERFUL to him today! I enjoyed seeing his eyes perk up when I said I would make him some mittens. I told him how I do expect him to take care of his gloves and when he finds them he MUST put them away. I also told him that I would give mercy. Shhhhh PLEASE don't tell him how many pairs of gloves I misplaced when I was his age! LOL! I am walking that fine line of trying to teach my child responsibility but at the same time remember what 6 year old children do because they are still children. The hardest thing is when I have to take a look back to how careless I was as a child. My Mom always understood and I think I must have got about 20 pairs of mercy mittens a season! I DREAM of being as patient and understanding as my Mom was but that is a HARD thing to do. I will keep trying. Anyway this is my mercy mittens! I guess when he finds his gloves I will bake the pie. LOL! The mittens are not beautiful or perfect but if you can turn on a sewing machine and put the thread in you can make them in about 10 minutes time. They kept his hands warm and helped him create a wonderful childhood memory of playing in snow that he has wanted to play in for months now.

Place hand with fingers open some on some fleece fabric. It doesn't take much fabric. Then just traced around it.

Cut out 4 layers 2 for right hand 2 for left. Stitch around them using a zigzag VERY QUICK.

Turn them so the seam is on the inside. In past years if I made them smaller than expected he did wear them with the stitching on the outside. LOL! This year I used my hand so he has LOTS of room. I added some FOE elastic around the bottom so they wouldn't fall off.

One not so perfect set of mittens but one new and very precious memory made for him to have forever. I doubt he will remember the gloves when he is grown but he might remember the year he had to wait until Jan 10th to play in the snow and how exciting it was.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A little more catching up!

My washer broke 2 days before Christmas! We have been living almost a year without a dryer. My first thought was OH NO! I am NOT going to try to wash all our clothes in the tub!!! I QUICKLY rethought that! Over and over again in the last 2 years I have said or thought "I will not do that or live like that" OR "I need or have to have that" I have found out the hard way many times that when it comes to it I WILL LIVE WITHOUT! I CAN LIVE WITHOUT AND I DON'T NEED OR HAVE TO HAVE IT! I quickly said to my husband that I didn't WANT to try to wash all our clothes in the tub. HE quickly replied you are NOT going to have to worry about that I will take care of it. He has a bonus coming in March (we don't like to count our chickens before they hatch but this one time we will) He put on credit a NEW WASHER AND DRYER! We will have the money to pay them off before we have to make payments so it will be OK. We didn't want to use credit at all but this one time we decided to do it. My husband is such a wonderful man! I am so lucky to have him! He had them delivered the next day! I got to wash and dry clothes on Christmas. I know that is something that many people wouldn't want to do on a holiday but I was so excited about having them it was FUN. I think my family was confused by some of it..... I know my hubby understood but other family members didn't seem to understand why I was so much more excited over fiber to spin than a new dryer. I am happy to have them and Christmas was so nice having people over WITHOUT 4 loads of clothes hanging to dry from my ceiling (yes this is a real picture of how things have been in our house over the last year). I liked the money I was saving on electric not using a dryer. I didn't like all the clothes being covered with lint, all wrinkly, and towels that felt like sandpaper. LOL! I am so happy to now have my new appliances! I am still going to try and hang clothes often. I will use the dryer to remove the lint and fluff our towels. Hmmmm.... Maybe if people are coming over I will use it so people don't have to see our laundry hanging.

My poor hubby! Christmas eve we stayed up until about 2:30 wrapping gifts and such. My children both got sick that lasted for about 2 weeks in early December then my husband got very sick a few days before that and the doctor said he had the flu. I was so worried that his Christmas would be ruined! He wasn't sick on Christmas I was so Happy! OH! back to my story... We fell way behind with holiday plans because of everyone being sick. We had lots to do the night before Christmas. Rob and I worked on getting everything wrapped and under the tree. At 2:30 we went off to bed. At 2:35 the phone rang. He answered the phone it was the security company calling. They said that a alarm was set off at my husbands work and they needed someone to meet the police at the store. My hubby had to go! I was so afraid that he was going to fall asleep driving I couldn't sleep. I got up and went down to lay on the couch. I would close my eyes and then get the thought of my poor hubby falling asleep driving I would get up in a panic. This would happen over and over until he got home. He got home at around 5 am. I then fell asleep on the couch because I was so tired I couldn't get up to go upstairs. My hubby went upstairs to bed. At around 7 am his family came. We all got up (only 2 hours of sleep) and Christmas started. It was a very long day. It was wonderful but I think a little more sleep would have been nice. We all had a happy day. I was to tired to worry or get upset with anything. LOL! I got to do laundry, spin a little yarn, enjoy my children and my very tired hubby.

Knitting try #2

First let me say that I have been trying to get caught up on this blog but blogger is giving me a hard time signing in and when I do get signed in my pictures don't always load! UUUGGH!

This is another attempt at knitting! The flat part near the bottom is knit and purl but then I caught myself wrapping the needle wrong direction again so I the bumpy part about is just knit rows that is why the look like that. I feel a lot better with this bib. I don't think I have any 1/2 rows this time. My last one I sat down several times and when I started again I would knit back to the beginning without ever getting to the end of the row. That caused my bib to have that odd shape. I didn't add any stitches that I have noticed this time. Last time I would forget to take my stitch off the needle and I would add another. This is another reason my first bib had an ODD shape. I feel that I am getting much better with the knit stitch and I have started to wrap the yarn counter clockwise out of habit I no longer have to think when I am doing it so I am going to try to finish this up with all knit and purl rows. I will add a picture of my progress as I get time. I hope this blogger page starts working better for me. I don't get much computer time so I get upset wasting the time I have trying to sign in to a site. KWIM?