Thursday, January 05, 2012

New/old skirt and more leg warmers

My MIL gave Demi a cute little school skirt. The skirt wouldn't fit her because she's so thin.  I ripped it apart added buttons and a button hole to the inside waist band.  I then ran some DIY button hole elastic inside the band and stitched it all back together.

I think it would have been faster if I made a new skirt from scratch,  I think I sew faster making my own things.  Does anyone else dislike mending store bought things?  Maybe my problem is I don't like to work on something I didn't get to make?  The up side is it is another finished project so I am a happy girl for finishing.  Please forgive my poor photos.  I have a hard time taking photos at 6:30 AM.  I'm not a morning person.   Lets pretend I didn't chop off her head in this photo.

I also made a pair of leg warmers.  I made them from a sweater.

 I'll make 2 more from the same sweater another night.  I added a lace and button bow to dress them up.

 I made a crazy amount of leg warmers back in Nov.  I didn't make any of them to fit the school dress code (I started making them for Sat. dance class) my girls love to wear them (they are dress/skirt wearing chicks).  I think by the end of this month I might have a stack of school wearing leg warmers as big as the leg warmer collection I made in Nov.  My girls will have warm legs this winter. I'm starting to worry the dresser and closet might explode before warm weather come back.

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