Thursday, January 05, 2012

Junebug Remix

I'm finished!  Yes, I finished adding the trim to my Junebug remix dress last night.   I enjoyed doing this weeks at home sew along contest at Project Run and Play.   I'm calling this dress the Once Upon A Junebug Dress. 

It's the Junebug dress in a fairytale. 

I didn't change much on the bodice pieces to the Junebug pattern.  I put the bodice front behind the bodice sides.  I added 1 diamond gem button to the top of each side.  I left off the other 4 buttons off because the bodice sides hold the dress in nice and snug.  I made the sleeves about 1 inch longer than the pattern.  For the skirt I made it full length and added lots of ruffles to the front.

  To finish it off I added lace down the sides

and at the bottom of every ruffle. 

I added a removable silk flower with a button center later today (that's why some photos have a flower and some don't).

The fabric is vintage and sweet perfect for a storybook princess.   This dress was made from a full size sheet (picked up for $1 at thrift store).  Yes! That's right this a $1.00 gown!  Well $1 dress with $4 of lace added to it (total cost $5.00).   My girls both love it.  Here's a photo of Demi (my 6 year old) wearing it.

 I have to make another so they don't have to share.   Zehira (my 4 year old) wore it to bed tonight.  I was going to stop her but after remembering the dress is a sheet I decided for tonight I let her wear it to bed.  I might have to make her a new dress tomorrow to get this one off her body so i can wash it.

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nest full of eggs said...

what a pretty vintage sheet you found !
I bet she loves her fairytale dress !