Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sock Hop

This week we're on our way to the Sock Hop.  I made it for this weeks Project Run and Play week 3 Sewing through the Decades challenge.  I designed this pattern using Child's Play software  I love using CP software when I don't have time to draft my own pattern (I think it's so worth $125.00 to make any type of pattern you want for kids clothing when you can't draft by hand).   I did have to draft the scallops by hand because the program doesn't have a large scallop hem choice.

In the photo above if you notice a small spot of the pink showing on the back left side hem and an odd scallop in front of it.  That spot is not an unfinished area or mistake on the dress.  Zehira's hand is pushing in the dress and underskirt making it look off  in that spot (my cousin told me it looks like a mistake).  I'll post a photo of the hem laying flat soon as it is washed.  Sorry, I was in such a rush I didn't notice that in my photos (I was more upset over the ugly shadow in the picture). 

Zehira LOVES her new dress.   She danced around the house all day today.
The sweetheart neckline on the polka dot print feels so 1950s to me.
I added a chiffon scarf around her neck.  The sleeves are simple cap sleeves with piping along the hem to give them shape.
 A circle skirt with a scalloped hem.
I cut up an adult turtleneck sweater to make a cardigan with lace trim, 3/4 length sleeves, and a button-lace loop closure.
 I added a green polka dot scarf to her long ponytail.
 I made a 1950s sweater pin from some charms, a chain, and some findings (all bought at Walmart). 

The sweater fits more snug when worn with jeans or with this dress minus the underskirt that's hid under the dress.  She can wear the sweater with anything (good news in my drafty house).

I am very happy with how it turned out.  I'm sad that I didn't finish making all the things I had started.  I wanted to finish saddle shoes and bowling bag purse to finish this look.  I also have to finish a poodle skirt, dress top, and leather coat for my other daughter.  AND a wool skirt, a stiff crinoline, and cardigan sweater that I also have started to go with this 1950s challenge.   Honestly it might take me a week or two to finish all the things I have started... I think I will put them all to the side for now.  I will stop sewing for a bit to get that drivers cap pattern posted (the ones I made last week).  I can go back to 1950s sewing later on (so much for my promise to not leave any WIP around).  I hope you all had as much fun sewing this week as I did!

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Ajaire said...

Those scallops with a hint of pink are perfect. As us that sweetheart neckline. It turned out great!