Wednesday, January 04, 2012

leg warmers

I'm trying to finish up my Junebug dress remixbut I don't have it done yet (I'm adding some trim tonight to finish it up).  I hope to have photos of that tomorrow. 

I made a pair of leg warmers last night.  In this photo you can see Demi wearing them over her knee because that's how she rolls.  She also wears her knee socks over the knee. 

Nothing exciting but it is another finished project.  I was doing laundry yesterday when I found a white undershirt 2 sizes too small for my son.  After wondering how something so small could be in his dirty clothes hamper (I KNOW he didn't wear it) I got the idea to cut it up to make a pair of leg warmers for Demi.  It is VERY cold in PA right now.  Temps. are in the teens and my girl goes outside for recess.  I worry her little legs are going to freeze.  Demi's school has a strict dress code so covering them isn't that easy.  The girls have to wear blue or tan uniform skirts/dresses with blue or white knee socks/tights.   I figured white leg warmers made from knit jersey would blend in with the knee sock/tights rule.  

I made small flowers to pretty them up a bit.  I hope the extra layer on her little legs helps keep her warm. I will make some more over the next few days.  They only took about 5 minutes to make.

I made them thinking the top would have a fold down cuff and a flower at the top.  Demi decided to flip them and wear cuff at the bottom and have the flower on her ankle.  I hope the school is OK with the flowers (if she wears them the other way the flowers will hide under her skirts).


Anonymous said...

i love her feet

Jack said...

she's so pretty.