Sunday, June 25, 2006

Getting back to sewing and the blog.

I am very sorry that I have been gone so long. I have been going weeks without using the computer. The few times I did have a chance to sit down at it I found my email had hundreds of messages. I still have a ton of email to clear out I hope to find time to get to it all this week. I haven't been sewing much. I have tried to do some much needed spring cleaning, yard work, fun play time with the children and such. Birthdays, Fathers day, and the big one BABY TEETHING. Our baby spent 2 weeks or so out of the last month CRANKY! Putting her on my back and walking outside in the sling is the only thing she did like. She is now back to the happy, fun and full of smiles baby we enjoy so much. Anyway... I am very happy to be back I have an outfit to share with you all. I will post pictures of it in a few minutes. The children are calling me!

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