Sunday, August 13, 2006


This is some of my Koolaid FOE. I love to use Koolaid on FOE and Wool Yarn. For this batch of FOE I put some water in a small pot cooked to a boil. I turned of stove and added a pack of Kool-aid. I gave it a stir until it all dissolved. I then tossed in about 5 yards or so of FOE. I let it sit for about 5 minutes then I pulled it out and gave it a rinse. After the rinse I put it in some cold water with vinegar. When it was soaking in vinegar I tossed in another 5 yards or so of FOE into the pot that still had the Koolaid water. I let it sit for a few minutes and rinsed and vinegar soaked it. When I was done with all 4 sets (2 orange and 2 pink) I put them in sweater bags and tossed them in the wash all together orange and pink. I didn't have any problem with the colors bleeding. I have diapers with this FOE and it hasn't ran at all.

It is hard to see in the picture but the Orange Koolaid gave a BRIGHT Orange the first set. The FOE I put in the pot second turned out a fall orange. Kind of like the fall trees. Both are NICE colors.

This is the pink. I think I used flavoraid watermelon. The one on the right was first batch. The left was the second. I like this method. I can get 2 colors from the same pack this way. I now let my children have koolaid just so I can have some around to use with my FOE and Wool.

My next try will be rainbow FOE. I am going to try to do about 10 yards off all different colors. I will post pictures and let you know if it worked for me. OH! Anyone who wants to color FOE and hasn't yet might want to look up the right way to do it. This way worked great for me but I never took the time to read up on "how" to do it. I like to try and see how things work. I know lots of people would rather take the time and read and do it right. I would love to do things the right way but I never have the time to find out the right way.

UPDATE- From the time I posted this I did get a few minutes to look up info on using koolaid and it looks like koolaid is a good choice to color FOE with. No need to add salt. I read you don't need to add any vinegar because koolaid has enough acid in it already. I will keep using vinegar on my reds. For me it seems to help the color set with red- pink colors.