Saturday, June 30, 2007

End of my white sherpa fitted diapers!

I was up late sewing last night. I now have 10 fitted diapers done. I would have made a few more but that is all I could get out of the fabric I had out. I am now out of white sherpa. I still have a good amount of fabric to keep sewing with. I just need to bring another piece down from my fabric box. I will be starting with the natural sherpa I have next. I am only going to make up a few more before I take a little break from diapers. I think I will make some wipes or baby carriers next then go back to diapers. Can you see how much better I am sewing? My tabs are looking better. NOT perfect but a lot better than my first few. I am starting to like this machine. We are slowly becoming friends. LOL! I have to say in all the time I have owned my Huskylock we haven't been very nice to each other. I am so happy I am finally figuring this thing out and becoming friend with my machine. I felt that I wasted a lot of my hubby's money because I couldn't figure out how to work it. I know they are not the best looking diapers but I am so happy with how much I have improved!

They are so tiny, soft, and fluffy!

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