Monday, January 21, 2008


I am trying to save up $700-1000 of emergency money. I have tried so many things and when ever I feel we are making progress something pops up! The reason for needing this money is for car repairs, home repairs, and emergencies. Rob is good at investing money but when the car breaks, a pipe leaks, or an appliance quits we have to wait several days to move investment money over to our bank account. Today our furnace quit. At this rate I might never be able to shop again. So deciding to use what I had I went searching for some dye. I pulled out some neon food colors a friend gave me a long time ago. I had so much fun!!! I made some deep purple, green apple, apricot, and sky blue. I didn't plan on using this yarn for anything but a few swatches so I went color crazy!

I have to say I forgot how much fun dying roving is! Even more fun than dying it is spinning it into some wild combos! I don't get to do it often because I hear a lot of talk about dye lot and repeating patterns in yarns from knitters and I can't get that when I use this method. I understand that is how some knitters likes yarn but I love the colored singles with all the different color changes along the way. My son Travis took a look at it when I had this amount spun...

He said to me "I like that yarn you're making for Demi's socks." I at first looked at him like he had 2 heads but after taking another look at my sample yarn I could see socks for Demi. I never planed to do anything with it but odd socks would be fun for Demi. Below you can see more color changes in the yarn.

When I got this far I had socks on the brain for my colorful toddler so I quit and wrapped it on the niddy noddy and gave it a soak. It is dripping dry right now.
I have never made socks for children. I have only ever made 3 socks. My first one was about the size needed for a 4 year old. I guess I will use that to scale it to size. I will let you all know how it turns out. My plan is to make a pair for Demi then spin the rest of fiber I have colored like this and offer it to a friend who has 2 small girls. I only dyed a few oz but I think it is enough for 4 children's socks. It has lots of pink, purples, and peach so I think it says little girls. It might knit up ugly and I will have to can the project but I am crossing my fingers and going to give it a try. I have a sock on my needles already so I will not get around to trying this any time soon.

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