Monday, May 05, 2008

My blogging plans for the next few weeks.

As I get free time I will post some more tutorials for some simple easy sewing. I am writing up how I made the blue pants below. They are pants I made in about 10 minutes (using my old maternity clothes).

I also plan to write up how I made this outfit.

I need to upload pix and write up instructions. The pants above are gauchos I made from old jeans that didn't fit me anymore. I made a matching pair of pants for baby Zee. I still need to make the matching top for Zee.

I want to share how I make bandana outfits like this one.
I will share how to make lots of other simple things with bandanas (or fabric squares the same size). I have been having tons of fun trying to see how many things I can make with bandanas. They are so simple and fun to create with! Whenever my hubby asks me if I need anything from downtown I always say a few more packs of bandanas.

Life with 3 children is very busy so all of this should take up most of May to blog.

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curls said...

wow, your creations are great and what beautiful children! I know how hard it is to get crafting time with 3 kids, but at least we get to do bits here and there. Its nice when they appreciate things you've made for them too.