Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Knitting try #2

First let me say that I have been trying to get caught up on this blog but blogger is giving me a hard time signing in and when I do get signed in my pictures don't always load! UUUGGH!

This is another attempt at knitting! The flat part near the bottom is knit and purl but then I caught myself wrapping the needle wrong direction again so I the bumpy part about is just knit rows that is why the look like that. I feel a lot better with this bib. I don't think I have any 1/2 rows this time. My last one I sat down several times and when I started again I would knit back to the beginning without ever getting to the end of the row. That caused my bib to have that odd shape. I didn't add any stitches that I have noticed this time. Last time I would forget to take my stitch off the needle and I would add another. This is another reason my first bib had an ODD shape. I feel that I am getting much better with the knit stitch and I have started to wrap the yarn counter clockwise out of habit I no longer have to think when I am doing it so I am going to try to finish this up with all knit and purl rows. I will add a picture of my progress as I get time. I hope this blogger page starts working better for me. I don't get much computer time so I get upset wasting the time I have trying to sign in to a site. KWIM?

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Lynda said...

Hi Amber - I found you on KnitNSpinner's blog. Did you keep up with the knitting? I was a slow learner, but it finally comes to you - don't give up!