Wednesday, August 01, 2007

More easy sewing for my daughter

I made up this outfit today. I didn't use a pattern at all. The cost of this project was 50 cents. My daughter is tiny she just turned 2 a month ago so I can make her things with little fabric.
My hubby bought me this yellow fabric last night. It was in the dollar bin at Walmart. This top used less than 1/2 a yard of the fabric so it was under 50 cents. I used elastic thread to do the gathers on the top. I added ribbon (cheap Walmart ribbon) to tie around the neck. I had the ribbon and elastic thread so the only thing that cost any money was the yellow fabric.
The shorts I made are the cut off ends from my son's jeans. They had a hole in the knee. Now he has a long pair of shorts and my DD has new shorts. I couldn't find my denim thread so I used some blue. If I thought the outfit would turn out cute I would have spent more time looking for my jean thread. The front of the shorts are faded. That is the way the material on the jeans looked. I just copied the U to make center seam and I added elastic in the waist. Very quick!

I took a long fabric scrap I had from making my top even and turned it into a flower. I did this very quick and easy but now that it is done I am not sure how I did it. LOL! I had some green thread so I made a stem and leaf for the flower with the sewing machine.
This is Demi doodle wearing it.

I decided the next morning to make up a bandanna for her hair to go with it.
I then went and made her a matching pocketbook. This is just 2 pockets off a pair of jeans sewn together.
I added a matching flower on each pocket. I used some old bias tape to make the stem on the flowers.

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