Monday, July 30, 2007

Quick and easy sewing.

First let me say I am sorry I have been away from the computer for so long. I have had a bad headache for a week. I am not sleeping at night I can't get comfortable my stomach hurts from the baby growing so much. Yes, the joys of being in my last trimester. LOL!

Before I started feeling so yucky I did get to do sew some little things for my daughter. I made her a few very simple summer dresses. They are the kind you can whip up with no pattern in just a few minutes using fabric scraps (kind of like pillowcase dresses). I can't find the pictures of them so I guess I will post the picture of the dress I made up today.

This is the dress I just made.

This dress was just as easy to make as the other ones I made a week or two ago (I will share pictures of them soon as I find the folder in my computer I put the pictures in). The only difference with this one is instead of making it look like a pillowcase dress at the top I used the elastic thread to gather the top part of the dress, I serged a hem, and I added some ribbon for straps so she wouldn't slide it off all the time. I made this from a small fabric piece I had in my fabric box. The fabric was under a yard (might have even been under 1/2 a yard) it came from my MIL so it is very old (vintage). This fabric might even be older than me. My DD LOVES pink so it is perfect for her.

This is a close up of the top of it.

I LOVE using this elastic thread! If you like this style and haven't ever tried it you should! I bought the elastic thread about 2 years ago and everything I have made for my DD with it people always think are store bought clothes. Even my hubby (he doesn't like the handmade look) thinks they are store bought. I love that something as simple as elastic thread makes it look like I know how to sew! I spent around $1 for this thread at Walmart about 2 years ago. It is so worth the money. I just read on the package how to use it. All you do is wind it loose by hand on a bobbin, set your stitch length long and sew. After you make several rows you have a wonderful gather. You can use it for tops/dresses/hair scrunchies/ bags and lots other things. It is only a simple straight stitch and a few minutes of my time. I LOVE IT!!!

This is a picture of Demi doodlebug in her new dress. BTW her face all around her mouth is blue because I had to give her a lolly pop to get her to sit still.

My husband couldn't understand why I wouldn't let him buy me some maternity tops that looked like this dress. They wanted over $25 (sale price) for them. Please forgive my bad grammar and type O's. I am so tired thinking and typing at the same time is very hard. I hope you all can understand what I am trying to write! I hope to find my other dress pictures and post them in the next day or so.

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Holly said...

Your little dd looks darling in that dress! Good job :~)