Monday, April 27, 2009

Quilting and other bedding for my girls

Below are all things I made back in Feb or early March.

I spent some time trying to learn how to quilt. I started with a tiny doll quilt. I followed the instructions found here.

I did do a little bit of hand embroidery on it (I love doing embroidery). I wrote my daughter's name.
A few tiny yellow flowers.

Then I did this lovely little block (it is only a 2 or 3 inch block). I embroidered all the little flowers. It is a little special "I love you" for my daughter. You have to look real close to see the tiny embroidery.I free motion quilted it. You can see that best by looking at the back side.

It is a very tiny quilt. You can see that in the picture below of my 18 month old covering her dolly.I guess it is a good thing little Zee can't read yet because I didn't make her a dolly quilt of her own yet. She doesn't know this one says Demi on it so please don't tell her.

I have caught the quilting bug. I see 100's of quilts in my future.

This is my second quilt.
This one was a bit larger. It is about crib size (both my girls still sleep in tiny crib size beds).

This time I used the stitch in the ditch method to do the quilting. Then I bound it. I LOVE BINDING QUILTS!!!!
I ended up making 2 quilts that are almost identical. I needed to have one for each girl. I am now working on a couple more quilts and hope to have them done soon.

I wanted a quick sew project one day so I whipped up this shaggy blanket.

It's the blanket hanging over the back of the bed. The baby bed in the picture belongs to my youngest. It is out on my porch in pieces right now because I am painting it. When it is done it will go in the room with her big sister. She has been in our room for 18 months and it is time to move in "the big girl room". The blanket was a kit I bought 4 years ago and never took the time to sew up. YAY! Another finished project done and out of my WIP box!

I then made this fun little pillow.

Now I want to share my favorite of all the things I have made so far for my girls' room. I love everything about this pillow! It only took me a couple minutes to sew up. BUT! I spent hours figuring out how to decorate it. I stayed up and worked on it until 3 or 4 am one night. I had to be up that night anyway because my youngest was cutting teeth and unable to sleep. I played around for hours designing this. Now that it is done I could make another in about an hour. I am sure you can see it is a very simple design. It is just a pillow case sewn sham style. I made the normal sham opening side (back side on most pillows) the front. I sewed buttons along the smaller side of the sham opening and then loops on the larger side (just long enough to hold the pillow sham closed. I then added some tiny bows at the top of each loop. Then with the tiny bit of ribbon left I made tiny little bows gathering each corner. I then stitched the centers of all the bows with needle and thread so my little girl would not untie them.

Here is a close up of the cute corners.
Close up of button loops.

Demi LOVES IT!!!

Sorry about the wrinkles in the pillow. I couldn't iron it because it was impossible to iron with a teething baby in my arms.

I have a lot more things for my girls room in the works. I plan to make rag dolls, more pillows, more quilts, sheets, curtains, a rug, table cloth..... and lots more. I will share as I get things made up.

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