Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wedding crafts

In a soft sweet voice I hear

Oh Mama, (said my girl age 3)
Mama could you please help me,
Mama, I NEED to get married,
I have on my blue dress,
I just need a hair fing (thing).
You know that special hair thing,
That one for a girl in a dress.

LOL! I love the way my 3 year old looks at the world! I did what any other mother would do. I let her and her brother mix up the brownies themselves (even crack the eggs) while I ran off to my craft box trying to save the day.

2 minutes later (5 if you count getting out supplies and taking pictures) and I came up with this.

and then I made this for little sissy.

It was a no sew 2 minute project. If you want to read the full wedding story you can read it here.

The tutorial on how to make this veil can now be found here.

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