Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cheeky monkey part 2

I was making up some summer shorts and still had monkeys in my head. I decided to make monkey shorts to go with the cheeky monkey top. The shorts are made from an old pair of my jeans (I wore them back when I was a size 4 that was 10 or 11 years ago). I cut off the pocket from the back side of the jeans and put monkeys on them. I then stitched the pockets on the sides of the shorts. I did this because with the long top pockets on the back would never show. I am SO HAPPY I did that! The shorts look very cute on my girl with the tiny side pockets. I tried using autopunch (embroidery software) 2 more times today to make the monkeys and they didn't turn out any nicer than my first try (I hope to figure that out someday). I put elastic in the back of the shorts. The bottom was all ready finished nicely for me. I use the hem that was at the bottom of the jeans (I call that smart quick crafting).

Front side.

Back side.

I had to take pictures of the outfit laying flat on the table and on the body shape because Zee wasn't being a coopertive model today.

She cried unless I let her have the apple and she kept blocking the outfit with the silly apple. I tried snapping about 50 pictures but she would put that apple back in front of her before the shutter would click every time.

This is the only picture I got without the apple blocking her top. I have no idea what she is doing with her fingers. LOL!My Cheeky Monkey!!!!

PS. I did finish Demi's dress last night I forgot to take pictures I promise to do that after I get my dishes washed up.

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mirage said...

Laughed alot, I have had those days! great outfit.