Monday, May 25, 2009

Monkey buisness.

The other night I was looking at clothes online at Gap baby (toddler 2-4T size of both my girls). I was doing a window shopping not real buying. I saw a tank that had a monkey hanging from the word cheeky. Cheeky monkey is the perfect way to describe my youngest! I decided to create a cheeky monkey shirt for my little girl. I wanted to make it quickly so I gave the auto punch that came with my embroidery machine a try. It was FAST!!! It did turn out OK BUT I want to find a way to edit the design to fill it in a bit more. To me the satin stitching (it is the part done in black thread) looks a bit thin. The shirt shows a bit all around the black. I looks like a gap between the outline and the fill (I hope that makes sense). If it was a bit wider my design would be full a better looking. I suppose making this design on a brown T-shirt would also make it look a bit nicer (I used a sheet because I was sure it wouldn't turn out). I think I might have done something to this design when using the auto punch. I wonder this mess up happened when I click on satin stitch for the outline? I wonder if it would have looked a bit nicer (been filled in all the way) if I didn't change the kind of stitching on the black part of the design? If anyone knows what I did and how to fix this (or how to prevent this from happening on my next auto punch try) and has a minute to clue me in I would be a very happy girl! I also have some puckering in the letters. I think that might be from using such a thin fabric but I wonder if I can do something to prevent the puckering the next time I use letters?

Here is the top.

Isn't that Cheeky monkey cute? My girl is only 20 months old so she won't complain that the embroidery isn't perfect.

For the readers who are not into machine embroidery I made a little dress for Demi (my almost 4 year old) yesterday. I used a lot of the crochet trims I made about a month or so ago on it. I just need to sew on the pockets tonight and I will share a picture of that. Sewing stretchy pockets on woven material might take a bit of time. I think I might just stitch them on by hand. I enjoy a bit of hand sewing to keep my fingers busy late at night. Anyway, I will share a picture of the dress very soon. I promise.

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