Monday, November 07, 2011


I know it's a week after Halloween but I can't move on without sharing my youngest child's costume.  

Zee was Rapunzel.  The purple satin dress I made her for her birthday last month.  I often go over the top with embellishing our princess dresses.  This one chose to keep simple.   The reason I did that is because I know she is going to want to wear this dress to church or to the store sometime soon (we don't agree on what Sunday best is).

I made her a bouquet of flowers to hold and 2 simple yarn wigs (just in case someone chops off her yarn hair).  The shoes are the ones I glittered up a couple weeks ago.  At the last minute,
I made her a princess hat.  She was a very happy princess!

I love the photo above.  She is bending over to let down her hair. How cute is that?

I have to admit, it felt so good to have 3 happy children loving mama made costumes.

Here she is out with her daddy.

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