Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Crusader (Halloween costume #2)

My son chose to be a crusader for Halloween.   I have to confess I was up until 2:30 AM (might have been later than that) Sun. night so I could finish this costume. 

I didn't plan to wait until the last minute to finish this but I've spent many   days in bed over the last week (fighting off a cold). His costume was a tunic, cloak, belt, and scabbard. My husband bought him a helmet and sword.  He chose not to wear the helmet (I think he looks better without it anyway). 

I love the beautiful fabric hubby bought for me to make this.  It is a very heavy bottom weight fabric and it's very soft.  I didn't need a pattern its a very simple tunic with a cloak.  The tunic is half the width of the fabric (it's a wide fabric) and the cloak it the full width of the fabric.  I measured down how long Travis wanted his cloak then added a drawstring to gather at the neck.  I then closed up the sides on the top to form the hood. I finished it off with a simple belt and scabbard using some foe leather.  The scabbard was simple I just traced around the sword to make my pattern and added ties to attach it to the belt.

Isn't he one good looking crusader?


I love how serious he looks (crusaders can't go around wearing a big silly smile).  The smile on his face when I showed him the costume made my day (he doesn't like mama made things most of the time).  When he got home Monday night he said I'm going to go hang up my costume!!!  My son hardly ever hangs up anything so I'm guessing he really likes it.  Two weeks ago I didn't even know what a scabbard was (silly mama).  I am happy he decided to dress up this year. 

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