Sunday, February 26, 2012

January Finished Project Mosaic

I just noticed I wrote this a long time ago but I left it as a draft.  I think my life got crazy busy and I forgot about it.  I'll try to remember to hit the publish button in the future.

I blogged 18 finished projects for January!  

Top Row- Beige Driving Cap, Gray Dress, Junebug Remix Dress, Leather Driving Cap, Junebug Dress, Gray Sweater
Middle Row- Leather Messenger Bag, Fixed School Skirt, Dress Coat, Black Golfing Cap, T-Shirt Leg Warmers, Polka Dot Dress
Bottom Row- Denim Driving cap, Sweater Leg Warmers, Sweater Pin, Golfing Cap With Stripes, Hello Kitty hat, Striped Leggings

I made about the same amount of things for each child.  I blogged Demi got two more things than Zee but I didn't blog everything I made.  It looks like Zee got the nicer dresses... The girls share a lot of clothes so I feel I was fair and spread my crafty/sewing time even between all my kids. I can't promise it will stay that even (my son doesn't like many mama made things but I might be on a roll).

I've been busy sewing new things, altering the golfing cap pattern into other sizes, and making up some other tutorials... I hope to find a few free minutes to share it all soon.

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