Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zee's Dancing Dress

I have to tell you my reason for going MIA is I got busy doing stuff for Valentine's Day.   I wasn't done with that when I got a call to make 10 princess dresses for a little girl's princess birthday party.  I have less than 2 weeks to make them!  I did finish my last dress for the Project Run and Play sew at home challenge.  The challenge is your signature look.  I know people who know me and my sewing in real life know princess/dancing dresses are my signature look.  I love making them and that is what my girls ask me to make every day.

  It's a crinoline dress so it is VERY FULL!   It sticks out like the old time hooped dresses.  

I made a red chiffon tie that adds a large bow to the back of the dress and 3 large red flowers to the front.   I added another red flower to the shoulder.  

I made this for Demi but she gave it to Zee.  It's so nice that my girls share with each other.

I only had an hour to take photos and load them to Flickr to enter the sew at home challenge so it was a rushed photo shoot (and she was very tired).  I only got one photo that I LOVE... 

I know the photo above doesn't show off the dress but I think it's a sweet pic. of my little girl.

She loves her new dancing dress so much.  That make me so happy.

 I am still working on getting that golfing cap pattern different sizes (I have sized it up to an average man size but still need to make it larger and smaller).  Because I'm working on the hat sizing, in a rush to sew 10 princess dresses that I was hired to make, along with having a bunch of tutorials I haven't found time to blog yet I think I'll skip saying I'm going to post a tutorial for this.   If I get caught up I will but I don't see me catching up any time soon.

 Now I have to rush off to make some princess dresses.  I will be back in the next few days.  Happy crafting everyone!

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