Saturday, December 30, 2006


Am I knitting? I guess it depends on who you ask! My Mom gave me this learn to knit kit for Christmas. I decided to give it a try. I got it out and started reading. I then even took the time to look at some free how to knit videos online. I knew it must be the right day to learn to knit because when I typed in on the google search page I saw 2 kangaroos knitting! I felt ready to knit!!

This is the picture of my first day of knitting. I was SO HAPPY! I felt so good about having yarn on my knitting needles. Day 2 I went right back to it. I kept at it off and on that day until I had knitted enough to make a small bib. I put a button on and I was VERY HAPPY! I couldn't wait to go visit my knitting friends the next day. I could see that I made LOTS of mistakes but I was just so happy to have something I made with my knitting needles! I didn't care about my mistakes!

The next day I ran off to visit with my knitting friends. I was so excited I picked up the little bib but forgot to grab two bags of stuff I wanted to take with me (both bags I had right on my kitchen table next to my new bib). I got to see the beautiful things they both made with yarn (I dream of having the talent they both have) I was so EXCITED to show my new creation. I knew it couldn't compare to the BEAUTIFUL stuff they both make but I was still excited about my first try. I pulled out my lopsided, cheap yarn, ugly color, peculiar creation. I said to them that I only know one stitch the knit I haven't learned how to pearl yet. They both got a rather confused look and said that what I did looked like a pearl stitch. It was NOT a knit stitch. WOW! I was really confused!!!! I then watched Vicky sit and knit. I was amazed at how smooth her fingers moved working the yarn. Her yarn was worked in a MUCH different way than I was doing.(LOL) I hurried home trying to keep that picture of what she was doing fresh in my head. After several hours I think I might have figured it out!!!!! I think I was wrapping my yarn clockwise not counter clockwise. I know I was putting my needle in the stitch the right way so I think I MUST have been wrapping wrong. I plan to try again later today. I hope I have it all figured out right. If not I will laugh and try again! I will post my "New ODD CREATION" LOL! I expect to have LOTS of ODD creations before I get the hang of this!

OH! My 6 year old son was watching me knit. He looked like he was studying what I was doing. I was expecting him to ask if I would teach him. Insead this is what he said... You know Mom, if you could tap the sticks together faster you would make a good old lady! He thought was giving me a complement (pep talk of sorts)! LOL! I hope he gets better at complements before he is old enough to date!

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