Wednesday, December 27, 2006


So much has been going on in the last 2 months. I am going to have to try to make 2 quick post a day until I get all caught up. I have thanks to give for financial advice. News about my husbands job promotion. My spinning wheel adventures. Last minute Christmas gift for my son. A wonderful Christmas surprise from a person I have never met. Dress up for my Daughter. Our Christmas Eve adventure. Learning to knit. Tons of painting, spinning, fiber, sewing, knitting, and joy to share with all. I will do my best to get it all caught up as quick as I can. Computer time is always limited for me. My children are young so I can't sit and type much. Sometimes it is days before I can get to the computer. I hope all the new toys my children have been blessed with keep them busy for the next few days so I can sneak in some blogging time. I think if I keep all my post as short as possible I might be able to get a few done a day. Only time will tell! I hope you all have enjoyed your holidays! In our house we celebrate Christmas (we are Christians) I had the BEST Christmas in my entire life!!! I will write more about all my little ups and downs over the last 2 months soon. Right now my daughter is calling for me. I hope to get back online when the children go to bed tonight!

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