Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dirty Fleece

My first try with this fleece was BAD! I am trying once again. The first time I tried I took a small amount and after 5 or so washings my water was still dark brown. YUCK! I am taking pictures this time so if I have problems again maybe someone can "see" what I am doing wrong and offer more advice. I feel ready to do this because I got so much advice on the yahoo spinners group I feel that I all the info I now have should help me a lot. First I dumped a lot of my bag out on a table outside and picked out the clean spots. I was SHOCKED to see that a lot of it looks clean. I just had to dig WAY into the bag to find the good stuff. I started with a small amount and did a cold water soak first. this is what I got.
I then did a hot soak with some dish soap and a hot rinse. LOOK! It already looks a lot cleaner. Can you see my water? I can see the bottom of my bucket!
This is what I now have. My water had some dirt in it but it was nothing like what I had from my try last week. I still have dark ends on my fleece.

Can you see this is what I am saying with the ends. I am not sure what to do now but I must say I do feel much better with this than my last dirty fleece try.

My husband is off work today we are all going out shopping so my fleece will have to be put on hold until later today.

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