Monday, February 08, 2010

Big brother jeans and Daddy's lil girl top.

Here is the hot new look the Peacock girls are wearing in 2010!

I think my girls ages 2 and 4 are too young to wear something called "boyfriend jeans". They are too young to have boyfriends!!! I did a bit of thinking about this and came up with what I think is the perfect solution. My new style I am calling Big Brother Jeans. My girls didn't need to steal them from 9 year old brother. We waited until he grew out of them. By the time he outgrew them, they had a very naturally worn out look to them. This pair I placed the pockets crooked in the front. I did this because...
1. I wanted to cover up the grass stains.
2. I wanted to cover the knee to keep them from wearing out.
3. Becau
se I LOVE the fun look of the very large pockets.
4. Placing the pocket
s crooked and on the front I think gives the jeans a very original look.
I added the adjustable waist band to the top of the jeans. A top stitched fly and a turned up cuffs completed the jeans.

Here i
s a close up of the crooked pocket. I think this would also be a fun look for a little boy.

In the picture below you can see the natural fray near the top of the belt loops. I tried to keep most of the old jean look that they originally had.

For the top I got the inspiration from here.
I thought the picture of the front of this pattern book looked a lot like the fabric in this shirt.

It is a shirt Rob has worn forever. He told me the fabric was getting very thin from wearing it for so many years. He almost tossed it out. I am glad I didn't let him toss it. I didn't use the pattern in that Japanese pattern book. It looked like a simple peasant top and I make them all the time without a pattern so I grabbed my scissors and a bit of elastic and made this.
I promise to really try a pattern in this book sometime soon! I do think my top looks a lot like the one on the cover of the pattern book. I have to admit it took a bit more thinking than I originally thought it would to make up the top. I had to work around the buttons and large pocket. I wanted the buttons centered and I had to keep the pocket out of the side seam (reason the top is a bit wide). To get the pocket to look the way I wanted I had to pull out about an inch of the stitches from of the top of the pocket. I then folded it down and added a bit of elastic.

I know this look is not one everyone will love. I am crazy in love with it because I think it has enough of the boyfriend jean look to be in style. I love that I didn't spend any money to make it. I think the very large, crooked, front pockets are very fun and give an interesting detail to the jeans. Demi loves them. Travis likes seeing his little sisters wearing his hand-me-downs. I like the Daddy's Little Girl Top just as much as the Big Brother Jeans.

Here are a lot of action

If you like the look you now have something to do with jeans that you are ready to toss. They don't have to be big brother jeans. They could be big sister jeans. Adult jeans will work just as nice (pockets on my jeans are smaller than the ones on my 9 yo sons jeans). Grab your seam ripper and join in the fun!


Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

So cool!!!!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

very trendy, and a cute model,

Gill in Canada (Appleby on CM)

Kylie said...

They both look great. you are on a roll with your sewing this year - your girls will be the bet dressed in town.