Monday, February 01, 2010

Jan challenge. So the theme for January is YOU!

OOPS! I am writing this a day late... I didn't take on the challenge to win anything... I just wanted to try to find time in the month of January to make something just for me! Last week life got busy and took away a lot of my computer time (my reason for being a day late). Am I the only one wondering how February slipped in so fast?

I am happy to say I made 3 things for myself! I made a simple peasant top. Nothing exciting but a finished project.
I made a headband.

And a makeup bag.

The makeup bag I really needed! I hope to make a few things for me every month this year. I now need to rush off and put my name down that I completed the challenge and take a look at the challenge for February.

I will be back later today or tomorrow with a collage of all my January finished sewing/knitting/craft projects (another thing I wanted to have put together and blogged before the end of Jan).

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Marie said...

Looks great.I have just traced a peasant top pattern - what pattern did you use?