Monday, February 01, 2010

January finished projects.

Here is my mosaic of projects I made in the month of January.

Pics going left to right top to bottom...
1. Retro dress for Demi
2. Blue flower top for Zee
3. Embroidered leather heart hair clip
4. Make up bag for me
5. A-line flower dress with matching headband for Zee
6. Embroidered soft leather shoes for Zee
7. Square neck T-shirt (made from old maternity tank) for Demi.
8. Strawberry top for Zee (my favorite).
9. Legwarmers for Zee
10. Retro dress for Zee
11. Quilt skirt for Demi
12. Headband for me
13. Retro headband for Zee.
14. Embroidered kissing frog yoga pant for Zee (made from old maternity top).
15. Church dress for Demi
16. Retro headband for Demi
17. Church dress for Zee
18. Peasant top for me
19. Glitter peasant top for Demi
20. Ladybug top for Zee

I know I didn't blog about all of them. Please forgive me and understand that I can't blog and sew at the same time. ;) I will try to find time this week to catch up but honestly that might not happen (I have a stack of sewing for this month piled up next to my machine already). I hope to remember to snap a quick pic of everything I make again this month. Happy Feb. crafting everyone!

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