Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I got to make costumes for all 3 kids this year.  Most years I have at least one child who wants a cheap store bought thing. I'm happy to say all 3 children loved what I made them (I'll enjoy this day because I don't think it will ever happen again).    My middle child asked to be a peacock.  Our name is Peacock so I couldn't say no. 

The body of the costume is an adult skirt.  The skirt had 2 layers so I used the underskirt for her arms/wings.  I used fringe yarn for the blue front.  I added green fabric pieces to create feathers.

The back lower tail (she's a 2 tail peacock) was made from layers of tulle.  I added some peacock feathers to it and some more fringe yarn.    The top tail was made from a fan.  Finding a way to attach the fan took some time.  I ended up making an elastic belt to hold it on.  To fasten the elastic belt I added a button to the belt and cut a hole in the elastic to use for the button hole.  I also added a button at the top back of her dress and I added an elastic loop on the fan to loop on the button.  That kept her proud feathers from flopping down.  The blue ribbon bow was to dress it up and to make sure my elastic didn't show.

I got her 2 different feather masks and she loved them both. She talked for weeks about how she couldn't decide which one to wear.  At the last minute she completely changed her mind.  Just before we left the house she decided she didn't want to wear either mask.  I've had a bad cold for the last 2 weeks so trying to make 3 costumes in time was very difficult.  I ended up finishing them 15 minutes before we left the house.  I will try to take some pics of the tiny details (loops to hold it up and the belt) tomorrow.   If anyone wants to see them just let me know (I doubt many people want to be a peacock but it could happen).

I hope you all had a very safe and happy night!
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