Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I am a sewing nut!

I don't have a car it is still at the garage being fixed so I can't go out at all. It is HOT (90 deg) in my area. My children have been busy playing in the inflatable pools, sandboxes, sprinklers, and such. I have to keep a close eye on them because even with only a few inches of water in our inflatable tiny pool my youngest (wild child) can slip and drown (a huge fear of mine). I started putting my sewing machine out on my porch and I set up the pool in the yard in front of the porch. I am right next to her (less than 3 feet away) and I can see and hear her when I am sewing. The things I have been sewing only take a few seconds to sew so keeping a very close eye on the children is very easy to do. She spends a few hours a day playing in the sand (a safer activity). This setup is working out to be a win win situation for me and the children. I would rather be inside in the AC (fat prego me feels more comfy in the ac) but my children want to be outside all the time. The hot temps don't bother them at all. When we are inside they seem to need me more than they do outside so I am getting lots of time to get stuff done by moving it all outside. I am slowly figuring out how to use my serger. That has increased my sewing speed a lot! Anyway I have TONS of pictures of the stuff I made over the last several days. I will try to post a few at a time. I feel very good about all I have done. I no longer worry that I will not be ready when the baby comes. I think I am a lot more ready for this baby than I was with my other two. My next several post will be of all the stuff I have done. Once I have that done I will try to take the patterns I am using and turn them into a PDF file to share. I hope my life keeps going this smooth! I am loving this summer!

Below are receiving blankets I made from 2 layers of flannel (they have the same prints on the other side of them). I just serged around the sides. Took me longer to cut the fabric than to sew them. I would have made more but I ran out of fabric. My hubby picked out all this fabric for the baby. He dose a lot of my fabric shopping for me. He knows his way around the fabric stores much better than I do. He works close to a fabric store so he likes to surprise me with fabric. If he brings me home some more I will add more blankets to the basket.

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