Saturday, July 21, 2007

I wanted to make something for my Mom's birthday.

Remember when I said I was taking a break from sewing diapers? This is what I made!!!! What is this????????????Um... I think I will blame this on my nonworking pregnancy brain. I am embarrassed to admit this but I made several that turned out just like this. I don't think 5-10 pictures of blobs like this are needed. After about 6 or more tries I took a break and got my head working again. The reason I was doing this was I wanted to make my Mom a purse for her birthday. I guess all the sewing diapers, blankets, and wipes I was doing I started thinking that I knew how to sew and create things. LOL!

After walking away for a few hours I thought I had figured out the mistake I kept making over and over I tried again. I still made several mistakes after that but I only had a king size sheet to experiment with and it was getting smaller and smaller. I didn't feel like grabbing the seam ripper for this project I was thinking this project would never turn out and I was so lazy I quit cutting out new ones to sew. Instead of using the seam ripper or cutting out a new bag to sew I started cutting out the seams and just making my project smaller every time I messed up I would cut it smaller, mess up again and cut smaller, and again smaller. After many tries I ended up with the bag above. It is about the right size for my 24 month old daughter. It is about 6 inches across. It started out being over 22 inches across. LOL! I guess you can tell I made a lot of mistakes!

After making a toddler sized bag I started feeling very good about my sewing ability again (must be my foggy prego head). I decided to try again and this time I was thinking if it turned out larger (without all the previous mistakes) I would be set. I wasn't ready to start using my good fabric so I used a pillow case this time. I was so sure it would turn out right. That didn't happen (I know you are not surprised). The pattern I made was so wide the purse ended up with the wrong shape. I added in a large tuck to try to fix it but I just wasn't happy. See the big huge tuck in the photo above? YUCK!

I convinced myself that if I made my pattern a bit smaller it would be perfect. I got tired of playing with sheets so I got out my nice fabric. I was convinced I would be able to make my Mom a purse. Now looking back it has to be my pregnancy messing with my head! I should know better than to think I could make something for someone! Anyway, I did end up making what looks like a bag this time. I made a lame attempt at stitching the inside up by hand. I convinced myself that it would be OK because my Mom would never use the inside as the outside because she isn't a polka dot kind of person (I wanted to make it reversible) I wasn't thrilled with the way the straps connected but with the texture of the fabric it didn't look that bad so I thought I could live with that. Then I ran into another problem. LOOK at how tiny and lame my buttons look in the 2 pictures above! GRRRRRrrrr! I couldn't live with that! I would have ran to the store to get larger and nicer buttons but my car is broke so I couldn't go out! After a bit of thinking I came up with the bright idea of making my own button out of fabric. I remember seeing something like a button made from knots in rope or something on TV many years ago. This is funny because I could not remember my children's date of birth or my due date at my Dr appointment last week but the memory of seeing rope knot buttons on TV years ago pops into my head. lol! This pregnancy is making me a bit goofy I guess. I did a bit of searching online and I found a thing called a Chinese Button Knot. It took me tons of tries to figure out how to do this! To be honest I am not sure I even got it right! It looks enough like a button for me and below you can see it! I felt bad that the bag didn't turn out perfect but I think I will be able to make her up a better one when I have my car fixed and I can get some more fabric.

I did make another try at one for a friend and that one didn't turn out any better than the one I made for my Mom. I could make another post as long as this one telling you all about all my mistakes with that one but I am sure you get the idea. I think I need to go back to making diapers and other baby stuff and I will try again at sewing something for adults after I get a bit better with sewing. LOL! I love the idea of making some nice bags for people someday but I think I might do a better job trying to do this AFTER the baby is born and hopefully I will be able to think better after the baby is born.

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