Sunday, April 27, 2008

5 minute outfit

I have been sewing!

Warm weather hit us just over a week ago. I wasn't prepared for such warm weather so early in the year. Demi only had a couple things to wear so I put all my crafting/friendship projects/ and spring cleaning aside to whip up some warm weather things for my girls. To be honest I was racing my hubby. He likes to buy clothes and I wanted an excuse to sew. If he noticed the girls didn't have clothes he would have went shopping and I would miss my chance to fill my girls empty dresser drawers myself.

The first outfit I made I made a week ago Friday. I was meeting a friend for a play date at a local playground. Demi spilled yogurt down the front of her (all over her last clean summer outfit) about an hour before we needed to be at the playground. I needed an outfit quick so in a rush I dug in my box of sewing projects. I thought maybe I would find a started or finished project that would work for a play outfit for the day. I often start sewing things and don't care for the way they are turning out so I toss them in a sewing project box with the thought I can fix them or finish them another day. I didn't find any outfits for her in the box but I did find this.
Another friend had called the day before and mentioned a halter top that I made (I had forgotten about making a bunch of halters a couple years ago). When found this lonely bandana I jumped for joy. I am so thankful a friend said something about halter tops or I would have had to cancel my children's playdate because of a yogurt dribble!

A look in her dresser and I found play pants.
I added a ribbon to the bandana, added a few drops of fray check to the ribbon ends, cut off the pants, a quick little roll up on the cut off shorts and stitched the sides to hold the fold in place. BAM! A 5 minute outfit.
OK, my five minute outfit might have taken fifteen minutes because I did have to keep an eye on my three children and grab the ribbon, scissors, and fraycheck out of my craft bin and I needed to plug in my sewing machine.

I know this wasn't much sewing (more like tacking things in place) but it was enough to make me want to sew more. The 5 minutes I spent with my dusty machine was heaven! I remembered how much I love my sewing machine! I knew that I would have to spend some more time with her soon.

I did to a lot more sewing over the last week and I have lots of pictures and even some tutorials to share but my children are getting a bit hyper so I will have to write more tomorrow.

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