Monday, April 28, 2008

Sister outfits

My next project was sister outfits. I took some linen fabric my hubby got for me last year (I was going to make a sling but never got around to it). I wanted to start simple because I haven't made anything in a very long time. I took the same simple halter idea and made one with a square of fabric. I surged the edges of the square and folded it down. I made a simple elastic skirt, and a matching pillowcase dress for baby Zee. I was very disappointed with my sewing. It turned out ugly looking. I later figured out that I had a very dull needle in my machine. My machine is once again running like new. Even with the bad sewing I think they are cute matching play clothes! Zee's dress fits as a top for Demi.

Here is the outfit with the halter tucked inside the skirt.

View of the back.

Picture with top out.Zee in her pillowcase dress.

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