Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Demi dress

This dress took me a lot longer to make than it should have. I didn't think out how to make it before starting the project. That caused me to run into a few problems that required a lot of thinking along the way. I hope if I make another 5 or 6 this style I will be able to make them a lot faster. I didn't use a pattern (same story as all the sewing I do) I just made it up as I went along and used Demi to size it. The bottom fabric of the dress is made with some linen fabric my hubby got me last year I had it laying in my fabric box all this time I thought it was time to do something with it. The top part of the dress is made from stretch denim. It is actually fabric from worn out maternity pants I had from when I was pregnant with Demi. The denim stretches and it has some extra room on the top part so she can easily get in and out of it. I added two snaps to attach the shoulder straps. My hubby said it looks very Gymboree-ish and like something he would buy if he saw it in Gymboree. That is a HUGE compliment from him! He loves store bought stuff and he isn't big on handmade clothing so comparing my outfit to a store he likes to shop in makes me feel good. I figure she can wear it with or without a top under it. She LOVES this dress. She doesn't like it as much as her princess pink bandana outfit but she likes it more than everything else she owns. She yelled and fussed every time I had to take it off her to make adjustments. I still haven't turned up the hem because she wouldn't take it off the last time. She wanted to keep it on and twirl around like a princess. I don't know if she likes the style, the fabric, the weight (it is much heavier than the other outfits I made), or if she likes the way the fabric twirls out for her but I do know she really likes to wear it.

I hope to make a matching sister dress in the next few weeks. I had to take a sewing break to finish up some friendship projects I was working on.

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