Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Demi's Favorite Outfit!

OOPS! I just noticed that I never shared Demi's favorite outfit! Sorry about that! This is her pretty, pink, princess outfit!

Here is the reason Demi only wore the blue bandana outfits for a few minutes. I like how it covers her all except for her shoulders but is very light weight and cool.

Once she knew I was done sewing this outfit she insisted wearing it. She LOVES this outfit! If she had her way she would never take it off. She calls it her pretty princess clothes.

I love it myself but I am not sure I love it because it is cute or or if it's because my daughter loves wearing it.
It is a gaucho style pants with a halter style top.

Side view.
With her hair down most of her body is covered in this fun summer outfit.
I have around 50 pictures of her in this outfit. She has worn it 3 times in the last week. I have made her over 10 new outfits but this is the only one she wants to wear. It is in the wash all the time. She squeals with excitement when she sees me folding it. OK, It doesn't get folded because she begs to put it on before I get a chance to fold it.
My hubby thought I was getting a bit carried away with the bandana clothes so I had to take a bandana break. If I can talk him into letting me get a few more bandanas in a few weeks I will make up a tutorial for making this outfit. It took me under 30 minutes to make it. If I don't get more bandanas in the next week or so I will tell my children all Mommy wants for Mother's Day is bandanas. I am sure to get more that way! LOL!!!

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