Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Retro Girls

My children gave me fabric from the local quilt store for my birthday (I know that is no surprise to most of you). My youngest picked out a very cool retro print by timeless treasures (I'm sure Daddy helped her pick it out). I didn't know what to do with it. It kept yelling I'm retro and won't look good sewn up any other way. I used Child's Play software to draft the pattern (I am starting to really love this program). I drafted up a knee length, zipper in back, A-line dress that I thought would give a 70's retro look. Tiny pink bias tape was added to bottom of skirt and sleeves. I made up some wide headbands to finish the look. A lady came up to me at church and told me she had the same dress exact dress (only in brown) when she was younger. Hearing her say that made me feel like I got it right. It is a dark day so my pics are not that nice. I will try to get some better pics in the next few days. The good looking young man in the back is my son. I don't sew much for him. He likes to shop at the mall like other children his age.

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