Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jean diaper to go with top.

I have made several pocket diapers in the past out of old jeans. I love how they look on my DD. On days that it is warm I don't put on any pants or shorts over the jean diapers because with a tee shirt they look cute. This time I added the pocket on the back. This is the same jeans I made the top out of. Yes, I know my pocket on the back is a little crooked! Everything I sew is a little crooked. I am still trying to learn how to sew. I will post pictures of the inside later today. I have to go add the snaps to it first.
That is the link to a few pictures of the top and bottom together now with the snaps on it. I didn't get the denim diaper idea on my own it came from. I just took that idea and added the pocket on the back.

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