Friday, May 12, 2006

Turning a boy diaper into a girl set.

I made a few of the denim patch diapers. I thought they looked a little boyish I decided to make up a simple dress to make it a little more girlie. This dress needed no pattern it only took a few minutes to make. I haven't tried it on my DD yet because I am trying to soften up the denim still. This charcoal grey denim doesn't come out well in pictures. I cut a piece of fabric, made a C for arms, stitched up the sides, bound the top with FOE added a hem, cut out some hearts from my Pul fabric, ironed them on top and did a quick stitch around the hearts to keep in place. My diaper is a lot like I would have bought her pattern but she wasn't selling them when I started making diapers. Cloe toes diapers are a nicer looking diaper inside and out. I do a simple front pocket with only one strip of FOE. Anyway.... This is a quick and easy project for someone like me just learning to sew. has my step by step pictures of it.

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