Monday, May 22, 2006

Why I need to learn to sew better.

This is what I want to work with soon as I get a little better at sewing. I got this from a wonderful kind person who went above and beyond for me. Denise at sent me this! I found the frog print at walmart and found that she had some of it with Pul. This is all pul and not pul fabric so I can make up outfits for my DD. I was so happy I cried when I got this! She is a terrific person! She even tossed in some FOE to go with it. I hope to find a way to repay her kindness. I looked for fabric with and without PUL and couldn't find any from any online fabric/diaper places. Denise was the only one who could help me. I am afraid to sew with it yet because I know I will mess it up. I need to find time to sew so I can get better with it. DD has decided she doesn't like to sleep AT ALL! She is up most of the night and she is not taking naps. She wants to play and talk to us all night. I think it is great that she is learning to talk I just wish she would do it more in the day and sleep at night.

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