Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Make a drop spindle

This is how I make a simple drop spindle in about 1 minute.
This is what you need.
  1. 1 wooden craft wheel
  2. 1 dowel the same size as the wheel center
  3. 1 cup hook
  4. glue

I took a my wheel (Treaded Tire 2-3/4") and put it on a 3/8" wood dowel.

Then twisted a cup hook on the top.

If it doesn't fit snug you can add a drop or two of glue. I have used all kinds of glue even kids glue from the dollar store.

Now you have a drop spindle. You are ready to make yarn!

I think I want to decorate this one but I don't have time to paint today.


kiala said...

I should have done this. Instead I made a quick solution and used a knitting needle and a ball of yarn to make a drop spindle :) It worked ok as well for a while, until the ball started to drop off all the time:)

You have made very good yarn there and the blue looks so fresh color!

Amber said...

I didn't know you could do that! That is a very creative idea! I hope to get a NICE drop spindle in the future but until then this works well.