Monday, September 18, 2006

Demi's Dampaways size and style adjustments

This is how to adjust for a NB. Fold top down to the inside and weave tie in and out both layers.

For leg adjustment give the leg a small tuck. Sew it along fold. The yarn can be taken out to adjust the leg size as baby grows.
The 2 pictures below show the legs can be adjusted from tiny to large.

This is another way to adjust for a smaller child. Just fold down to the front of shorts.

This is for a larger child. It is a shoestring tie on the sides. This way can give a much smaller front and still leave lots of room for a thick diaper in the back. Sorry about the color of the string. It is also done a little sloppy. It looks great when the ties match and I take my time.

Another shoe type tie. Looks much better when I take my time. I tried to do it in orange but it didn't show well in the picture.

This is a gathered tuck (don't know what to call it). I tied it on the back side of shorts. It gives the bubble shape on the back and keeps my DD from undoing the tie. It looks like a butterfly to me.

The one above with orange ties is a double side tie.

The one below is a front tie. The tie doesn't go around the back it is only in the front.

They all are the same pair of shorts. I have some more I will try to add if I get time. I am sorry that some of the ties look sloppy and some have strings that don't match. I am very picky about stuff like that most of the time. This project took longer than I thought it would so I cut corners to speed it up. I hope you can get the idea. If not email me and I can give better instructions.

The one below is NOT the same shorts above but it was made with the same pattern. I felted this one. It still fits my almost 15 month old DD. I should tell you she is very small for her age. She just hit 18 pounds. She is in the bottom 5th percentile for her age. It is getting a little low in the rise. If I felt another for her I would add another 5 row stripe first. She is very thin if she was a chunky baby like my son was I would have to add a lot of stitches to make it wider.

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