Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fiber festival

My DH took me to our local fiber festival yesterday. I wanted to come home with some rabbits, alpacas, and some sheep but DH wasn't ready for that yet. I did get to bring home some fiber.

This is a Romney Lamb in the grease. I guess I could name my bag and call it my pet lamb. I won't have to ever feed it. I am sure my children would be happy to make some animal sounds for me. It came from Pine Ridge Sheep.

I got 2 silk bells. A "real" drop spindle

This is my favorite!!!!! 1lb 3 oz of hand dyed merino wool roving! I could picture my DD in wool shorts, pants, sweater and TONS of other things. I LOVE THIS STUFF!! The silk, spindle and purple merino all came from Brush Creek wool works.

A few people had Angora rabbits. I wish I would have asked DH to go get business cards and info while I looked for wool to spin. Everyone with rabbits had bunches of people talking to them. I did get a card from Aboundingful Farm Fibers. The card says they have english, french & Satin Angora rabbits. I think we will look into this soon as we get some free time. I think a few rabbits would be perfect for us. We have a small farm but not many animals. We have a large dog and 3 chickens. My son has been trying to hug the chickens. LOL! I think it is time to get a new pet. I need to start looking up info on rabbits.