Monday, September 11, 2006

This is what I am spinning. I found that I can spin wearing baby on my back and walking in circles around the house. I am able to help my son with his school work all at the same time. I am trying to spin thicker. I spin very thin yarn all the time. I got to see some ladies that knit the other day and they mentioned my yarn was thin. I need to remember that this is for a baby soaker. I need to keep it thicker. I think this is still a little thin but it won't be that bad once I ply it (I hope). I think if I took the time to learn how to knit I would be able to keep the yarn thickness in my head when I spin.


Joanna said...

Hi, I just saw your soakers and diapers and so enjoyed reading backwards through your blog! I do hope baby is getting some relief from the teeth and you are able to get something done. I'm Nana to 2 and 1 is on the way, I homeschooled this daughter. I'm looking forward to seeing the soaker pattern. I'm a new spinner too - and thin is easy for me too, but not thick! I don't have a wheel, just a drop spindle. Good luck and I'll be back to see your baby, fiber adventures. God Bless!

Amber said...

Thank you Joanna for your kind words! Things are calming down and I will be posting my soaker pattern. I need to dye my yarn before I can make up the soaker. We have had rain for 3 days now. They say tomorrow will be sunny. I hope the sun comes out in time to dry the yarn. Last batch of yarn I did took a few days to dry because it was damp and raining. I like how you have a picture of yourself! I always wondered who the people are that read my blog. It is so nice to have a face to go with it. I am going to ask my DH if he will let me put a picture of myself on this blog. He told me I couldn't post pictures of our children but he didn't say if I could post my picture. God Bless!