Friday, September 15, 2006

Sneaking in time to make soaker shorts.

I am back! My DD is doing OK with her teeth right now. My son is in the school routine. I am going to sneak in some Mommy craft time. I will be using Kool-aid to color my yarn later today or early tomorrow morning. I am using Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool. I will be using this to make my wool soaker shorts. You can use ANY kind of wool yarn you like. This is my opinion on yarn (I know lots of people will not agree)..... I use Fishermen's wool to make clothing for my DD and I did it even when she was a little baby. It isn't as soft as some wools. BUT! I don't find it hard and very scratchy after I add lanolin. I would love to say that I am the kind of Mom who puts only the softest stuff near my babies skin but honestly I can't. I have to admit that LOTS of my DD's clothes are hard and scratchy (fishermen's wool is SOFT next to them). I have several dresses that have that netting to fluff them out. That stuff can scuff up my skin! Yet I still put them on her for holidays or church. My DD likes her dresses and will pick them out to put on and even scream when I take them off! She must not care if her clothes are soft. I don't have a dryer so some of her clothes are a little stiff. We do have a water softener system so her clothes don't get like sandpaper but they still get stiff. I read that Fishermen's wool takes dye well and is easy to find in a store. My DH picks it up for me at Joann's on his way home from work. It isn't expensive. I don't have to take the children out on a long car ride to get it. OH! THE BIG REASON why I use it is because..... I CAN'T KNIT OR CROCHET! I can't read a pattern. I only know a few stitches and I make it up as I go along. If I spent a lot of money on something I would be afraid of making a mistake. I can make several soakers out of it. You can use whatever you like! Like I said I would love to say I only put the softest on my baby but I can't. I will post it all step by step how I dye and make my soaker shorts. I have never wrote down a pattern before so this one might look a little different than the one I have a picture of posted. I don't ever end up with 2 that look exactly the same. I have never taken pictures or wrote down directions as I went along because I was always afraid they wouldn't turn out. They always end up fitting and working OK.... Yes, they always have of room for improvement because I don't know how to crochet very well. Maybe someone who know "how" would like to improve it. I will be making my next post later tonight or tomorrow morning.

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