Sunday, September 10, 2006

OK, My DH brought me home this wool WEEKS ago! I know I promised I would share my soaker pattern soon as I got some yarn. I should explain WHY I haven't done that. My 1 year old is cutting a TON of teeth! She can't take the pain! I can't do crafts and comfort her at the same time. I can get many things done by walking her in a sling. The sling is a huge help with cleaning, and doing school with my son but it doesn't help with sewing or crochet. She will not let me sit if she is in a sling. On top of her cutting 4 molars and an eye tooth she isn't sleeping. If she doesn't sleep I don't sleep. I think we both have huge bags around our eyes. I started my sons school year 2 weeks ago. That has taken a lot of moving around of our day. I added in school/ play time for DD last week. To top it all off it rains ALL the TIME! I still don't have a dryer. Call me crazy but I still don't think I want one. I like saving money by not using one. I like having time to hang clothes and think, pray, and get some fresh air. Hanging out clothes is the only time I feel able to spend alone with God. If I am in the house my children see me and "NEED" me for something. KWIM? My computer broke a few weeks ago and it took a lot of my time to figure out. I don't know much about computers and my DH was working lots of hours. My computer is still not working right but it is working some so it will to do for now. Now I think you can see why I am behind. I might not get to working out my pattern for another couple weeks but I will get to it. This week I will have to focus on my school routine. I hope to get it all worked out by the end of the week. Over the last 2 weeks we did get full days of school done but some of our classes got done at night. I hope to start and finish earlier this week. I will have to get up earlier to do that. It might be hard if DD doesn't sleep. I will try my best. Thank you for understanding!