Monday, January 18, 2010

Cobbling shoes

OK, maybe not cobbling. How does sewing new soft leather shoes sound? Just a simple pair of Mary Jane's. I embroidered a heart and the letter Z (for Zehira). They aren't the nicest pair of leather shoes I have ever made but Zehira likes them.

I used her foot to draft the pattern so they fit her feet nice.
I made a little pad for the bottom with a few layers of pink fleece. I stitched the padding to the bottom of shoes. I don't like having a thick seam up the back of this style of shoe. I put the edges flat together and zig-zag up the back to make a flat seam. I added a plastic snap to close them.
Bottom view. I made them with leather from my old leather coat (from my motorcycle riding days). I turned the suede side out because I felt it looked nicer than the worn leather look my coat had. The suede side keeps them from sliding on our wood floors. The are made with a heavier leather than what a leather skirt is made from.

I have a bad headache today, making it hard to think. I hope you can understand what I am trying to write.

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