Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I plan to find time to blog more this year. I hope to find the time to share all my sewing projects this year. My first project of the year was a huge flop!!! I don't want to post it here because I would rather pretend it never happened. When I mess up on my sewing I often toss it out and pretend it never happened. This is a new year so I am not going to do things my old way. I will be brave and share my ugly mess (I already posted it on facebook for my few facebook friends to see). I hope with posting this here I will be able to look back and laugh about it later on in the year.

I don't use patterns very often.
Projects can turn ugly when I use a pattern. This project is one that quickly turned into a big ugly mess. I used pattern making software to make Demi a top. I don't want to make the program look bad by putting the name of it with this mess I created. I will write the name of it on a project that turned out better than than this one.

When I first looked at my paper pattern I thought things looked a bit off. I should have went with that thought and changed it a bit when I was cutting it out. I thought that the program knew better than I did so I stuck with it. I wanted to make a top for Demi (my 4 yo). It ended up being a play dress for Zee (my 2 yo).
The part that turned out nice was the zipper up the back. It was my best ever zipper. I am a strange one who enjoys sewing zippers in everything.This was the biggest problem...The sides go so far out it folds in on itself. :( I did set the pattern to slope out on the sides but I didn't want it to go out so far that it folded in! Look at how far the side of the dress hangs over the sofa. UGH! That was the only real problem with the program. The other problems are all my fault! Problems I caused are.

1. I didn't do a nice job with setting in my sleeves. It was 2 A.M. and I wanted to finish it.

2. I didn't snip around the arms. That caused the top to pull a bit across the chest on my 4 year old. I did fix that a day later after I noticed but it was after I took this set of pictures.

3. I didn't check the sleeve length when I made the pattern. The program was set at 3/4 length sleeves and I wanted full length.

4. I didn't use the correct stabilizer for the embroidery. By the time I got around to embellishing I was ready to toss it in the trash. To do it right I would have had to run upstairs and risk waking up the children. The top was already a mess so I cut corners. I knew better! It will make a good play in the mud dress or maybe a dress to wear when she is painting.

I am trying to type this on my old laptop with the missing s key. I had to copy and paste every letter s. That somehow messed up my font (made it bold in spots), created new paragraphs in wrong places and didn't make paragraphs when I wanted. I have spent more time fixing than writing and I am giving up on trying to fix this so I can move on with my day. Next week I will try to remember to use a different computer.

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