Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kissing Frogs

After my pattern flop I decided to do some easy no need to think sewing. I found an old maternity top in my closet. It is a very ugly green (I don't think I ever wore it). I cut off the arms and made it into green yoga pants for Zee. I couldn't leave them boring green. What in the world to do with ugly green yoga pants? I started thinking about all things green. Zee doesn't like many green things except for frogs. I thought adding a frog to her pants might make it look very boyish. I decided to try to girl it up a bit by embroidering Kissing Frogs on the leg to make me think it was a bit princess-y. Every princess has to kiss a frog or two to find a prince. I still have the rest of the shirt I need to make into something with later on. I know the sweater does not match the pants. I was to lazy to go grab a T-shirt. I just wanted a quick pic before I forgot. Too many times I don't take a pic when I first make something then I forget all about it. I think the green color goes nice with the yellow elastic (FOE) and thread. It reminds me of retro gym shorts we wore back in the early 80's I am using my old computer again so I have my fingers crossed that the font, format, and letter s's all show up OK.

Have a hoppy day!

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